I.P. Security

The same protocols that run the Internet are now available in security cameras.
Why is this good? Well… It means that the signal from the camera is Digital for a start, but that opens up a whole area of new features.

The limiting factor of picture resolution (how sharp the picture is), is no longer. The only limiting factor now is how much you want to pay.

Plus now you can :Vivotek_ip8162

  • View and select cameras anywhere on your computer network
  • Record and Playback anywhere on your network
  • Motion triggered recording
  • Remote viewing of cameras
  • 360 degree cameras
  • Mix analog and digital on the same recorder

We have been specialising in the Vivotek range of cameras, and while not the cheapest around, they are an industrial camera and represent great value.

Cam2 Cam4 Cam5 Cam6 Cam3 Cam7


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